Exclusive Interview with Mister Tourism Trinidad and Tobago 2023

1) First of all, many congratulations to you, Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Warm regards ,

My name is Nadeem Maharaj 21yrs old and I reside in the busy Borough of Chaguanas,Trinidad and Tobago. 

I’m a result oriented individual who has a passion for exploring and visiting different countries learning about the unique culture around the world. Complete in the sport of Martial Arts,a young entrepreneur, who loves inspiring young adults.My belief is that water is the most precious gem in the world. Because without water life would be extinct. 

2) What are your next projects ?

To become and actor or maybe take part in other competition 

But my main focus  I am working on is creating and organizing where we can reducing pollution to help save the marine ecosystem.

3) If you are elected “Mister Tourism world 2023”, what will be your first action ? 

My very first action may be tears I would be most appreciative and most honored,then I’ll call my mom because without this wont have been possible and anything can be done after.

4) Mister Tourism World ’s slogan is “Building a better World”. Do you support a cause? 

Definitely I am currently working on my project to help change the atmosphere so we can have healthier air.

5) What is your favorite song or music video?

I have many songs i can choose but i’ll have to say Kenny Roger’s:The gambler

6 ) What is your favorite food?

Honestly i can eat Burgers and Fries everyday.

7) What is your favorite animal ? 

For some reason i am intrigued Wolf.

8)  What is your favorite movie ?

Man Of Steel I think that movie was made absolutely perfect.

9) What is your favorite color ?

Dark Burgundy 

10) Name your favorite book ?

I’ll have to say make today count by:

John C. Maxwell

11) Name your favorite magazine ?

That would have to be men styles by:Colin Farrell 

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?

Hrithik Roshan I was amused by him growing up

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Take the risk and go after what you truly desire.

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