on the bus, head to Torbay

on the bus, head to Torbay
Mr. Netherlands, Paraguay, South Africa, Denmark, Australia …

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  1. Anche gli agenti hanno potuto constatare l pericolosità di quel tratto di strada, dove non batte mail il sole, che ieri si presentava ricoperto da un insidioso strato viscido sul quale si rischiava di cadere anche procedendo a piedi, e sul quale anche i sofisticati controlli elettronici di cui la grossa Bmw era dotata hanno potuto ben poco.

  2. This all new yet same as it ever was judgment isn’t really the slight it might seem the 2006 Civic was a groundbreaking design, and its slippery form and delicate features have worn well over the years. At the very least, this new model is still unlikely to be confused for anything else on the road. Honda has determinedly avoided the trend toward oversized headlamps and gaping air intakes, and has similarly shied away from the big pillar look in favor of improved visibility and cockpit airiness. Even still, we can’t help but feel this new Civic has gone a bit conservative particularly in the rear, where distinctive eagle’s head taillamps have given way to more traditional fixtures.

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Mr. England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Mr. Latvia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Turkey, Peru and Canada