Germany wins Mr Gay World 2015

Klaus Burkart, a 21-year-old milk technician from Germany, has won the title Mr Gay World 2015 in South Africa at the weekend.

He faced a week of various activities and challenges in the elaborate Mr Gay World 2015 competition, facing stiff competition from guys hailing from across the globe. It’s a beauty pageant, but contestants must prove their worth in charity activities, sports, art and speech tasks also.

Burkart says he would like to be a role model for young gay men, to help them with their coming out and also change young people’s opinion of homosexuality.

“I would like to lead the world to a point where it is not essential to even have a coming out,” he adds.

He says he’s planning a campaign to visit schools and talk about how to avoid bullying and gay bashing.

“It is my dream to share my campaign with delegates and supporters all over the world. I would really like to work together with them to create similar campaigns adapted for their own countries.”

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Official Finalists

Mr Gay World 2015 – Klaus Burkart (Germany)

1st runner-up – Troy Michael Jonsson (Iceland)

2nd runner-up – Jordy De Smedt (Belgium)

3rd runner-up – Tomi Lappi (Finland)

4th runner-up – Emmanuel Mass Luciano (Hong Kong)


Art Challenge – Siyathokoza Thabani Khumalo (Zambia)

Mr Photogenic – Jesus Martin Márquez (Spain)

Sport – Carl Anton Ljungberg (Sweden)

Social Media – Jordy De Smedt (Belgium)

Written Test – Klaus Burkart (Germany)

National Costume – Gabriel Jesus Naal Hernandez (Mexico)

People’s Choice – Wayne Grech (Malta)

Swimwear – Scott Fletcher (Australia)

Congeniality – Jorge Escribano Pelaez (Colombia)

Fashion – Jesus Martin Márquez (Spain)



Mister United Continents Puerto Rico 2015, OSVALDO LOZADA.

Welcome Mister Globe Australia – Brett Stratton