Candidate of Mister Universe Model 2015 : Azerbaijan

Presentation of candidate for Mister Universe Model 2015

Road To Mister universe Model 2015 : June 10-21. Sto. Domingo Dominican Republic.
There is no doubt that this year’s contestants for Men Universe Model are the best candidates ever. To people, all of them have all its enigmatic effects and charisma. But in this competition only one will win and it will be the best among the best.

We present you the candidate of Azerbaijan. . His name is Elnur Mustafayev


10405413_1076587192355793_5831844761492040382_n 10943669_10205798481827618_5620462598157167468_n  11217546_791588690909277_1166453050546192430_n 11218861_796514813788834_5911638509126034169_n AZERBAJIAN

Mister Universe Model 2015 : Czech Republic

Candidate for Mister Universe Model 2015 : Malta