Joey Mead King’s Husband Ian Is Now Angelina Mead King


You all know Ian King—he belongs to the family behind Victoria Court, the car enthusiast behind Car Porn Racing, and the husband of model and host Joey Mead King. Well, Ian is now Angelina.

A few hours ago, the couple made a very special and encouraging announcement—Ian is coming out as Angelina Mead King. Yes, Ian now identifies as a woman and her wife is supportive as ever, painting the perfect picture of love and courage that should be present in any relationship.


Joey posted a wearing bikini with a caption that says “Freedom” while Ian posted the exact same photo that says “Best hangover cure.” The most touching post we have seen by far would have to be from the Instagram of Angie Mead King herself—a photo of her standing beside Joey and it says “My rock and my number one supporter! @joeymeadking I love you!”


It’s not always an easy journey and this may be true for Ian, Angie, and Joey. But right now, we are filled with so much positivity and encouragement. Yes, it’s okay for you to be who you want to be. Yes, the truth will set you free. And yes, the real people who love you and through and through will stand by you no matter what.

Love really wins! We’re so happy for you Angie and Joey!

Photo courtesy of Angie Mead King’s Instagram account

Written by Rob

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