MR WORLD 2016 – Extreme Challenge : The Dune Run


The first part of the Extreme Challenge was a punishing cross country run through the gruelling 5km sand dunes of Southport that the contestants completed in heats.

In the end, after taking the top time from each team, Sweden, Scotland, Denmark, and Germany came out on top. However only one guy could have the top time, and that was Ice Hockey Player MR. SCOTLAND Tristan Cameron-Harper with the only time under 20 minutes.

Scotland: As a professional ice hockey player I am used to doing a lot of running for pre-season conditioning. I was also at the Base Camp of Everest around a month ago, I love climbing and hiking all the time. I thought today’s competition really brought the guys together and really brought some of the guy’s out of their shell. We all earned more respect for one another.

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