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Whatever you’re hungry for, these images are guaranteed to satisfy your both nighttime and datime cravings. Captivatingly hot Rome Phanuphong, one of Thailand’s hottest pageant winner photos that will leave you thirsty. His body is just perfectly right for him!
Who will be crowned Mr. Pattaya Healthy Guys 2017 and Mister Supranational Thailand 2017 this year? Whoever they are will succeed Phanuphong ‘Rome’ Wanthamat. Yes, Rome won the two titles in one year.
He won Mister Supranational Thailand 2016 on 23rd October 2016 in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand and represented the country in Mister Supranational 2016 in Poland. A month before being crowned Mister Supranational Thailand 2016, he was named Mr Pattaya Healthy Guys Challenge 2016 on 10th September 2016.
So feast your eyes of Phanuphong ‘Rome’ Wanthamat’s recent hot photos taken from his Instagram account. Isn’t he captivating and hot?
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