On August 18, 25-year-old Marvin Soh was named Mister Singapore 2017 and became the second man from Pasir Ris to bring home the title. Marvin was chosen by the Mister International Organization that recognized the confidence Marvin displayed as a contestant. He will go on to represent Singapore in the 12th Annual Mister International Competition this year.


Having lived in Pasir Ris all his life, Marvin spent his youth as a very active kid who got on very well with his neighbors. Throughout his high school and polytechnic career, Marvin kept busy by focusing on his studies and allocating any spare time to practicing judo, boxing and gym workout. While in national service, he once signed on as a pilot cadet with the Republic of Singapore Air Force.

The transition to higher education was easy for a savvy person like Marvin, even if it did involve getting his brain switched back to the studying mode. Although he was accepted for university studies, Marvin decided to focus on sports science that he had been avid about long before his national service stint and a subject that encouraged him to become a certified personal trainer. As a competitive sports model who had won the NABBA WFF Mortal Battle both at national and international levels, Marvin became increasingly more interested in issues that affect men and women in Singapore – and in our world – which inspired him to build a platform for topics he is passionate about.

Since young, Marvin has always believed people live for a purpose, and his purpose is to help people. Currently working as an assistant manager, fitness team leader and a personal trainer for a renowned global gym, Marvin hopes to be the top personal trainer equipped with vast knowledge that allows him to give talks, mentor new personal trainers, and write a book about healthy living.

Marvin will have a head start in promoting healthy lifestyle and impacting people’s lives for the better as he steps into his reign as Mister Singapore.


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Source : Mister Singapore facebook

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