VICENT LLORACH is Manhunt Spain 2018.

VICENT LLORACH, a 23-year old fashion model and educator, is Manhunt Spain 2018. He stands 1.92 meters tall. He lives in a city in the east coast of Spain named Valencia.

Vicent finished bachelor’s degree in Sports Science in Spain. He wanted to further his studies that’s why he took education course major in Early Childhood Education in the same university. He works as personal trainer in a gym apart from his routinary physical activities and exercise. He loves playing basketball as well.

Manhunt Spain speaks two native languages, namely, Spanish and Catalan. He is an outgoing person—he likes meeting new people. He also loves traveling, discovering new cultures, and learning so much from different adventures.

Vicent is more particular about reaching his ultimate dream to become an international model. He enjoys fashion modeling, doing photoshoots, and walking in the runway. He is very excited in joining Manhunt International 2018 to meet other people who share the same passion with him. He looks forward to seeing him in some of the top advertising brands and international fashion shows.


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