Interview – Mister Globe Philippines 2021 – Jeff Camus

1.)introduce yourself and tell us a little about you? 
Hi! I’m Jeffrey Camus, 29 years old. But you can call me Jeff. I’m a model, a host, a livestreamer and an ambassador for a non profit organisation called Liter of Light which is based right here in the Philippines. I love music! Most specially singing! In fact, I love singing so much that it was my first dream and not modelling. However, opportunity came knocking and opened its doors for me to be part of the modelling world so I grabbed it and modelled locally and internationally.  Most recent work I have done were in Malaysia and Thailand. You still can find and watch me singing my heart out during my livestreams. Actually, I can sing between 2 to 4 hrs straight!  That’s how much i really love to sing. I’m also an animal lover. I have 3 dogs, Sofia and Matthew and their son who i named Coco! It’s short for corona because he was born as the pandemic hit last year. Both Sofia and Matthew were rescued and adopted dogs. I also adopted a cat named Felix and 2 rabbits. Oh by the way,  all the dogs and cats share the same bedroom with me  and most of the time they sneak and cuddle in my bed.
2.)what are your next projects? 
There’s not much in store for me in terms of modelling because the pandemic had pretty much put our jobs at a pause but with my charity, Liter of Light, we are actually gearing up for another huge Light Art Installation here in BGC which is in Manila also.
I was actually invited personally by our founder Illac Diaz in installing yet another installation. This one is to commemorate World Environment Day on June 5. But before that we will be working with the team to plan where and how the installation will be done so there’s a day or 2 this month that we will actually go out and plot it out with the team.
3.) If you are elected Mister Globe 2021 what will be your first action? 
Firstly, I wanna know what Mister Globe has in line for the rest of the year so I can at least ensure that I can still work with my charity also.  I wanna introduce my charity, Liter of Light, to Mister Globe so we can work hand in Hand in continuing work for all our advocacies.
Once everything is plotted,  I will work with the organization of Mister Globe to do the tasks they have lined up for the elected winner which I hope to clinch.
And beyond the pageant, I still plan to continue my charity works and maybe even go back to working again full-time and hoping by then the pandemic is over.
4.)Mister Globe slogan is “Mister with a cause” do you support cause? 
Liter of Light is a non profit organisation who I work closely with. We currently provide, through donations and fund raisers, an inexpensive and environmentally friendly source of Light for far flung areas.  The organization was initially brought to be when the founder Illac Diaz found a way to provide inexpensive ways for families to have source of Light for their home by recycling and upcycling used and old plastic bottles.
This goes well with what I initially practice and a heavy advocate of Proper Plastic and Waste Management. The 3 Rs -reduce, reuse, recycle  -were taught to us at school and I continued to practice this until I eventually was introduced to Liter of Light.
Now Liter of Light is a Global movement providing affordable and sustainable Solar Light  to areas and people who live who has limited to no access to power and electricity by using recycled plastic bottles
and right now I am a liter of light ambassador its a global movement that provides affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to power or electricity using recycled plastic bottles. Right now, Liter of Light has installed more than 350,000 recycled plastic bottle lights in more than 15 countries and taught entreprenueral skills at all the countries wherever Liter of Light have been
5.) what is your favorite song or music? 
Never enough by Loren Allred
from the movie The Greatest Showman
6.)what is your favorite food? 
Spicy Spaghetti and our very own filipino dish spicy Chicken and pork adobo.  I really like it spicy
7.) What is your favorite animal? 
Dog and cat they’re both caring and loving
8.)what is you favorite movie 
 Avenges: End game
9.)what is you fav color? 
Navy blue
10.)what is your favorite book? 
Rich dad poor dad by robert kiyosaki
(Selfhelp and inspiration book is my thing)
11.)Name your favorite magazine? 
Mens health
12.)who is you favorite celebrity? 
Our country’s very own living legend
8 division world champion in boxing
Manny Pacquiao
13.) What is your speciaL message to your fans and our fellow readers?
Take it from me.  I joined local pageants many times and I never won any titles not even a runner up position. But I never gave up. I strived to be better and I worked hard to get to where I am. I believe that you can achieve your dreams as long as you set your eyes on it. Dream big and win big is what I sa


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