Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Peru 2021, Alexandro Bertello


Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Peru 2021, Alexandro Bertello

  • First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

I’m Alexandro Bertello, I’m  26  years old. I am a fashion model and study sciences of physical activity and sport. I am a     former   national boxing team, I have already represented my beloved Peru on other     occasions, so it is a pride to be Mister Globe Peru and take the name of my country to an international contest. I tell you that I am passionate about talking and contribute to something, so   be it minimal, in performance of   that person. Reading and  spending    time with my  pets  are  other of my  passions.


  • What are your next projects ?
    I want  to  create  a  community  that  encourages    physical activity  in  our  daily   Physical  activity such as     walking, climbing  stairs    make  use  of bicycles,  swimming,  and  also  sports.  Let it be known to differentiate physical activity from sport because they are not the same. The goal is for this community to influence      and carry a message that humans on   the move can prevent    many diseases and in turn to strength their immune system.

  • If you are elected «  Mister Globe 2021  », what will be your first action?
    Thank   God, and every person I trust in Thank  my country for  allowing me to be  a  representative.
    Leave  a  message  to  people  : They are  not  limited  by  what they     say,  let   their essence as  a human being come  out. Authenticity, humility, and empathy is   anyone’s    door.


  • Mister Globe’s slogan is “Mister with a cause”. Do you support a cause?
    I would like to start social work to help animals abandoned

    due to the COVID-19 crisis, during 2020 pet abandonment increased by 70%, according to Ampara Nacional (animal shelter support association)

WHO estimates that there are 200 thousand abandoned dogs in the world as a result of the pandemic. Because of this, I am close to starting a campaign that raises public awareness of responsible pet care, as they depend on 100% of us.

Conduct an assertive search with the families concerned for responsible adoption. In addition, support shelters and shelters in the care of protected pets.

  • What is your favorite song or music video?
    Love generation – Bob Sinclair


  • What is your favorite food?
    Lomo saltado


  • What is your favorite animal ?
    I love


  • What is your favorite movie ?
    Good will hunting.

  • What is your favorite color ?
    black and blue
  • Name your favorite book ?
    Your magic zones –  Wayne  Dyer


  • Name your favorite magazine ?
    GQ magazine
  • Who is your favorite celebrity ?
    I have       admiration    for the actor Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), as I suffer from a stutter and they rejected him from several films, yet he did not give up and we   all know what I achieve with confidence and perseverance.


  • What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?
    Firstable, thank you for taking the time to read each In me you will find an honest and empathic participant. You have taken this contest as a window into the world to express how beautiful your country and its people are. That Peruvians  are  very    close,  warm  and  grateful. Thank  you  for getting to  this  point in the  interview.

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