Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Uruguay 2021, Javier Melchiorre


Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Uruguay 2021, Javier Melchiorre

1- First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Hello everyone, my name is Javier Melchiorre, I will tell you briefly about myself, I work as a personal trainer, advertising and Fitness model, influencer, as extras in television series and TV publishers.


2 – What are your next projects ?

My next project without a doubt is to win Mister Globe, all my energy is focused on that, daily training and physical conditioning, catwalk classes, public speaking. I work with a trainer specialized in preparing Misters in my country, Uruguay, who has a lot of international experience. Perfect my English, among others, everything to do my best and represent my country in the best possible way.


3 – If you are elected « Mister Globe 2021 », what will be your first action ?

I want to use the platform provided by this contest, the followers and the international reach so that my story and my voice can be heard and reach many people in all corners of the world.
I suffered an accident that almost took my life, it left me paralyzed in a bed for a long time and part of my body mutilated, but my will to live were and are many, that gave me the strength to return to life.
Improve my body and aesthetic appearance deteriorated by the accident and start modeling, being a male model with all the insecurities that this represents, I want to tell this not as a victim, but as an example of whether it can be

4 – Mister Globe’s slogan is “Mister with a cause”. Do you support a cause?

As I told you before, the story of my life is my cause, I am a fervent promoter of “if you can” have health, or even if you do not have it, you can heal yourself with your mind and your faith, with that everything else is possible. I motivate all my students, I give free self-improvement classes or as a plus of my physical preparation in fitness classes.


5 –What is your favorite song or music video?

My favorite song is “Color Esperanza” by Diego Torres.
Obviously a song in Spanish, which I will try to translate for you, even if it is part of it so that you understand the beautiful message it has.
“Changing the air is just your job.
It will help you
It’s worth trying one more time
Know that you can
Want it to be possible
Take away the fears
Take them out
Paint the face
Hope color
Tempt the future with my heart reason
Better to get lost than never board”

“Cambiar el aire depende de ti
Te ayudará
Vale la pena una vez más
Saber que se puede
Querer que se pueda
Quitarse los miedos
Sacarlos afuera
Pintarse la cara
Color esperanza
Tentar al futuro
Con el corazón
Es mejor perderse que nunca embarcar”


6 – What is your favorite food?

Everything my friends harvest from their organic garden.


7 – What is your favorite animal ?

I love dogs, they are the most loyal thing in this world, without a doubt man’s best friend.


8- What is your favorite movie ?

undoubtedly in search of happiness, a film that demonstrates that it is always possible to get out of any ground that we find in life.


9 – What is your favorite color ?

my favorite color is Green: it represents nature, outdoors, growth and the fertility.


10 – Name your favorite book ?’

my favorite is the richest man in Babylon, I recommend it you learn a lot.

11 – Name your favorite magazine ?

Vogue Hommes


12 – Who is your favorite celebrity ?

Jon Kortajarena because not only did he keep his title of supermodel, he is an actor, and above all a great activist linked to many social tasks


13 – What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Let nothing and no one stop you from your dreams, that if you can imagine it you can achieve it

Thank you so much

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