Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Venezuela 2021 : Armando Jose Jimenez Hernandez

Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Venezuela 2021 : Armando Jose Jimenez Hernandez

  • First of all, many congratulations to you. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Thank you very much, I am very grateful to represent my country Venezuela in the Mister Globe contest. My name is Armando Jose Jimenez Hernandez, I was born on July 13, 1996. I decided to study industrial engineering, since my father is an engineer and I grew up seeing how important it is to develop optimization techniques for the operation of human resources and technologists for companies, at the same time I am dedicated to my second passion, modeling and animation, I feel very happy and comfortable since I can reach many people and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.


  • What are your next projects?

My short-term project is to graduate and show myself that despite the adversities my country faces, love is power and there is no sacrifice that does not generate reward. My biggest and long-term project is to have professional stability, to continue being an example that decent work is what most represents Venezuelans and to be a motivating voice for those people who do not have many opportunities or resources to achieve their goals and success.


  • If you are elected, what will be the first action?

The first thing I would do would be to thank all the people who trusted me and contributed to my preparation, hug with my family, as well as dialogue, and share ideas with the directive members of the organization to start working immediately since I consider that time is precious.

In the last 2 years we have gone through situations and moments of pain, anxiety and tension; My social cause would focus firstly on implementing strategies with socioeconomic studies to develop a plan that allows each country to invest in its people in the small and medium-sized entrepreneurs that were so affected and lost their economy and their businesses. 2. Help through campaigns (psychological or motivational) to give encouragement to those people who suffered significant losses in their families.

And no less important to continue helping those who do not have a voice and do not give them the human importance they deserve, I mean animals and especially those who are on the streets.

  • What is your favourite song/music video?

I’m a fan of Michael Jackson, I like all his videos, I feel like the time when he was in full swing was great, I really like Billie Jean. And my favorite song is knew love like this before, it reminds me of my pet who died earlier this year.


  • Favourite food

Venezuelan food is great, super delicious, but I love sushi.


  • Favorite animal

Without a doubt, dogs, for something they say ¨The best friend of, man¨ are very faithful and tender animals.


  • Favourite movie

Looking for happiness; He leaves us a beautiful message, the certainty that our parents always want to see us and give us their best, regardless of whether it leads them to make many sacrifices, little or a lot, they always give everything for our happiness. And certainly all the movies about dogs, impossible not to love them.

  • Favorite color

The color blue.


  • Name your favourite book

Essential words from paulo coelho, this book is living proof of the literary career of the teacher, Paulo coelho. Letting us read the best phrases of all his literary works.


  • Favorite Magazine

Although I am not a faithful reader of magazines, I think that Vogue imposes fashion and elegance with its photos, I would love to appear in a magazine of such a prestigious brand.


  • Favourite celebrity

I like many influential artists, both as Venezuelans, as world artists, I could say that Ariana Grande.


  • What’s your special message to your fans and fellow readers?

I thank you for all the support you have given me, for the good wishes, the good and bad advice, I am clear that I have a strong scarf, since everyone looks to see who is the opponent of Venezuela, thanks to everything your good vibes I will continue, leaving my country high, thank you very much, I love you. Remember that we can all be an example to continue contributing our grain of sand to the world.


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