Results Mister Globe 2021

Mister Globe 2021
Final Results

2 International Winners
Mister Globe 2021 is Switzerland – Michael Pelletier
Mister Globe Ambassador 2021 is India – Sachin Kumar Singh

1st Runner-Up: Zimbabwe – Shadel Jasper Noble
2nd Runner-Up: Turkey – Fatih Atak
3rd Runner-Up: Philippines – Jeffrey Camus
4th Runner-Up: Portugal – Vitor de Almeida

Top 20 Semifinalists:
Chile – Luis Abel Valenzuela Uribe
Colombia – Fernando Cetina
Indonesia – Gugi Gustito Hadid
Ivory Coast – Alpha Kane
Malaysia – Sreebathy A/L Gobi “Sree”
Martinique – Ludgy Foulongani
Mauritius – Keshav Surya Ramtohul
Mexico – Aaron Hernandez
Namibia – Johannes Muyenga
Nigeria – Nnadi Uzochukwu
Peru – Alexandro Bertello
Slovak Republic – Denis Mysak
South Africa – Heinrich Moses
Venezuela – Armando Jose Jimenez

Continental Titles
Americas: Chile – Luis Abel Valenzuela Uribe
Caribbean: Martinique – Ludgy Foulongani
Europe: Turkey – Fatih Atak
Africa: Zimbabwe – Shadel Jasper Noble
Asia: Philippines – Jeffrey Camus

Special Awards
Best in Talent:
1st Place: Chile – Luis Abel Valenzuela Uribe
2nd Place: Philippines – Jeffrey Camus
3rd Place: Colombia – Fernando Cetina
4th Place: Namibia – Johannes Muyenga

Mister with a Cause:
1st Place: India – Sachin Kumar Singh
2nd Place: Chile – Luis Abel Valenzuela Uribe
3rd Place: Zimbabwe – Shadel Jasper Noble




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