Misterology will cover Mister Africa International 2023

Mister Africa International 2023
Celebrating African Excellence

Mister Africa International is a prestigious competition that celebrates and showcases the talents, charisma, and beauty of African men. With a focus on promoting African excellence on a global stage, this competition has gained immense recognition and popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of Mister Africa International, its significance, and the impact it has on the participants and the continent as a whole.

Misterology covers this event from October 09 to 19.

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Here the format

Instagram account of all Candidates and organization

Organization @misterafricainternational

Eswastini @sivemawelela
Namibia @the_noble_nicanor
Belgium @wyzy_kvlix_
Guinea @mouhamedsalim730
Ghana @prince_umar_pharuk
Algeria @sambalahouane
Uganda @stephen_sunday_
Burundi @faithclot12
South Sudan @rielgabu
Burkina Faso @diamondsalt53
Nigeria @rickiemanniee
Kenya @mu7am.mad
Rwanda @salim_thealphamale
Tanzania @african_kingsman
Benin @starboybanani
Côté d’ivoire @romuald_ahoure
Lesotho @karabo_makara19
Delegate 20 @kenny_rwanda123
Zimbabwe @futurenyosto
Liberia @d.e.l.v.i.n.o.l.i.v.e.r
Cape Verde @__cid__ernany__
South Africa @_mpendulomabas

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