MR WORLD 2016 – Sports & Fitness Pt 1 : ENGLAND WON The Truvis Challenge


ENGLAND won the Truvis Challenge!

Yesterday the contestants took part in the first part of the sports and fitness challenge, the Truvis Challenge! They started off at the Formby Hall Golf Club where the contestants were instructed by golf professionals at the driving range. Mark Williams (PGA Golfer) provided his best tips and some of the guys really took to the advice.

The first part of the Sports and Fitness Challenge had the guys trying to hit markers on the driving range. The further the target, the higher the points. The second part was a putting challenge where the guys had to putt the ball from 2m, 4m, 6m, and 8m from the hole. All of this was in honour of Julian Morley, the inventor of the Truvis Golf Ball, which the guys were actually able to use in this part of the challenge. Julian will present the winner with the Truvis Cup later on. More info on this innovative golf ball design can be found at:

After these two parts, the top contestant from each team moved on to the final “Putt-Off”. Here England, USA, Panama, and Malaysia had one final chance to show their skills and MR ENGLAND’s Chris Bramell took it home for his team. The scores from this event will be used to calculate the winner of the Sports and Fitness Challenge.

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