Hector Henriquez is the new Men Universe Model Curaçao 2019

The 28th year Hector Henriquez is the new Men Universe Model Curaçao 2019.

After graduating at the University of Curaçao with a bachelor’s degree in Build Environment, Hector was offered a job at a local architecture firm as a junior architect.


He took this job offer to learn more under guidance of local experienced architects and to put in practice his given education. Driven by his passion for architecture in combination with business he is looking forward to follow up his studies to obtain a master’s degree, and or opening up his own firm. He would also like to make partner at the firm he is currently working.

His dream has always been to give back to his community, with whichever platform he is given. For now, his main focus is to become a well-known architect in order to, give back by improving others living areas which will have an effect in the way of living of the community.

When Hector is not working, you can find him relaxing at the beach, going to the gym, modeling, socializing, painting, reading books about self-improvement and going out for dinner with friends and family. Doing research for upcoming business ideas is also one of his hobbies. His modeling career on the island of Curaçao consisted out of runway shows, photoshoots for corporate and local brands and a couple of international runway shows. He also participated in campaign shoots for a well known New York designers and stylist. Due to his work and experience with his long road of studying, Hector likes to support and motivate students who find it difficult to finish their study’s because of a lack of passion and motivation.


By interacting with these students and talking to them about his own experiences during his university years, he finds a way to convince them that it is possible to finish your education even when you are demotivated. It may be hard now but you are going to finish by believing in yourself and every bit of effort counts, his main advice is to do not give up and keep pushing until the end. Hector’s biggest motivators in life are his family, each with their own way of motivating him to always try his best. Believe in yourself, do not settle for less and do not give up. He is very thankful to them for making him a better person each day.

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