Mister International 2023 is Spain, José Calle

The new Mister international 2023 is Jose Calle from Spain.

He is 28 years old, from  Malaga, next to the Mediterranean, and he works as a military officer in the Spanish armed forces. He enjoys sports, reading, and listening to personal growth podcasts. He also like healthy food and spending time with young people. 

In his written interview José said “My first action as Mister International 2023 would be to launch my international campaign, #InternationalImpact, by starting to give talks, workshops, and conferences internationally. These events will focus on my social advocacy and will help the new generation find their social causes and life purposes.” 

Results : 

Winner : Spain

1st Runner-Up Philippines 

2nd Runner-Up Jamaica 

3rd Runner-Up Argentina 

4th Runner-Up Malaysia


The Evolution of Mister International Pageant The Mister International Pageant was first held in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the most prestigious annual male beauty contests. Created with the aim of promoting international friendship and fostering understanding between different cultures, the pageant has successfully brought together delegates from more than 40 countries. 

Over the years, the Mister International Pageant has evolved to embrace not just physical attributes, but also other elements such as intelligence, leadership skills, and talent. Contestants are expected to be well-rounded individuals who can represent their countries with grace and dignity. 

The competition is organized by Manuel Deldio, based in Philippines.

Exclusive Interview with Mister International Spain 2023, Jose Calle

Candidates of Mister Supranational Venezuela 2023.