Exclusive Interview with Mister Tourism United Kingdom 2023

Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

I am delighted to introduce myself as a potential Mr. Tourism world. My name is Olajide Ayomide, a medical Doctor currently practicing in the United Kingdom. Aside medical practice, I am a model, fashion and aesthetic enthusiast, a passionate explorer of the beauty, wonders and diversity of our world and I am committed to sharing these enchanting experience with the world as Mr Tourism

What are your next projects?
I would love to explore aesthetic industry and partner with fashion brands

If you are elected Mister Tourism world 2023 what will be your first action?
My first action as Mister Tourism world 2023 will be to launch a global campaign for sustainable tourism. I will partner with tourism organizations, Governments and influencers to promote responsible Travel practices, support local communities in popular tourist destinations, encourage cultural exchange and advocate for policies that support sustainable tourism.

Mister Tourism world’s slogan is “Building a better world” Do you support a cause?

As a potential Mister Tourism world, I support many causes, top on my list is environmental conservation which aims at protecting and preserving our planet’s ecosystems, biodiversity and natural resources. I do this by donating and volunteering with organizations dedicated to environmental conservation

What is your Favourite song or music video?
My favourite song is ‘The storm is over’ by R-Kelly. This song has given me hope and blessed me in trying times

What is your favourite food?
I love pounded yam with Oha soup, it’s a Nigerian cuisine

What is your favourite animal?
I love horses. Horses are magnificent and versatile animals that have played a huge role in human history for many years. They serve various purposes ranging from transportation, agriculture, sports and leisure activities. They are highly social animals and hold cultural significance in many societies. They symbolize freedom, power and are used in ceremonies, parade and cultural events worldwide

What is your favourite Movie
Of all movies that I have ever watched , I enjoyed the Black Panther the most

What is your favourite book ?
I have read many books but Rich Dad’s conspiracy of the rich by Robert T Kiyosaki, an award winning author remains my favourite

Name Your favourite Magazine
I am an ardent reader of Men’s Health Magazine. The contents are very amazing and applicable to our daily lives as men

Who is your favourite Celebrity
My favourite celebrity is Chris Brown, I am a huge fan of his art and craft.

What’s your special message to your fans and our readers?

I am using this medium to express my profound gratitude and appreciation for your unwavering support. Your feedback, encouragement and interactions will help shape my creativity, please don’t hesitate to share your thought and ideas.

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