José Ali García Mora Crowned Mister Global Puerto Rico 2024

José Ali García Mora has been named Mister Global Puerto Rico 2024, an accolade that positions him as Puerto Rico’s representative in the prestigious Mister Global 2024 pageant set to be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on October 6, 2024. His achievement marks a significant milestone in his career and highlights his dedication to the values and aspirations of the Mister Global organization.

The Mister Global pageant, established in 2014, is renowned for celebrating not only the physical beauty of its contestants but also their commitment to environmental awareness and social responsibility. Contestants from various countries compete in this international event, showcasing their talents, charisma, and advocacy for global causes.

García Mora’s journey to the title involved rigorous preparation and competition against other distinguished contestants from Puerto Rico. His victory reflects his exceptional qualities and readiness to represent his country on the global stage.

As Mister Global Puerto Rico, García Mora will focus on promoting environmental sustainability and cultural understanding, aligning with the core mission of Mister Global. His participation will also involve a series of public appearances, social initiatives, and engagements aimed at raising awareness about important global issues.

This accomplishment adds to Puerto Rico’s rich history of success in international beauty pageants, further establishing the island’s reputation in the world of pageantry. The excitement surrounding García Mora’s journey to Bangkok is palpable, with supporters eagerly anticipating his performance at the Mister Global 2024 competition

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