Exclusive Interview of Mister Universe Puerto Rico – Zhavi Lay

Interview with Puerto Rico for Mister Universe Model 2015.

Misterology proudly Mister Universe Puerto Rico, Zhavi Lay in an exclusive interview. Let us find out a little more about him.

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Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?
Greetings to everyone! My name is Zhavi Lay, I am 19 years old and represent the island of Puerto Rico! I am currently studying publicity with minor in marketing, which is giving me the knowledge to help evolve businesses to improve the economy of my country. I also volunteer in the “Fundacion SUPer heroes” (the original name in spanish) which is dedicated to introduce the sport of surfing as a recreational activity to people with autism, and sindrome of a down. It is amazing to see the smile on their faces when they discover they could realize an extreme sport!

Tell us what mean to be “Mister” and what it changed for you?
For me being a Mister involves a mixture of qualities that define you as a leader, such as influencing over people, making friends and most of all, transmiting happiness to the community.

What are your next projects?
My next project after this wonderful event, is to aquire experience to develop my own bussiness in the coffe industry.

What’s your special message to your fans & our fellow readers?
I want to give a huge thanks to everyone because it feels amazing to get support from people all over the world, and keep paying attention to this pageant because it is very prestigious even though it is just starting!

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What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is tuna, it reminds me of when I am in the ocean and feel related with the fellow fishes, it is also one of the cleanest sources of protein!

What is your favorite animal?
The dolphin is my favorite animal because it has the capability of using more percent of brain capacity than humans, which is very interesting and also how the dolphin protects humans from other dangerous creatures.

What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie of all time is the series of Fast and Furious, it is very packed with adrenaline and bondage, the way of how they introduce how important is the family, is inspiring!

What is your favorite color?
The color blue reminds me of when I practice the sport of kitesurfing which is one of my passions!

Name your favorite book!
The book “never let anybody take away your dreams by Dexter Yager has influenced in me to never let bad situation affect me negatively.

Name your favorite magazine!
Vogue magazine is impressing because of all the editorial work and the highclass models that appear on it, it is one my dreams to do a work for Vmen Magazine.

Who is your favorite celebrity?
My favorite celebrity is Angelina Jolie, she has the courage to adopt children and give to them an life stablity without judging the aspects of the foster children.
Thanks to all and hope you enjoy this amazing journey.

Puerto Rico to the world!!!!

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