Body Talk With Mike Peters, Mister International Netherlands 2017 3rd Runner-up
Mike Peters is sexy, literate, intelligent, free thinking, and sometimes wildly open minded. After being unplaced last year, he was named 3rd runner-up in this year’s Mister International Netherlands 2017.

Cyrus Kaiser: Hello Mike. How are you? Can you tell us about yourself? What did you do before getting into pageants?

Mike: Hello Cyrus. I’m doing fine thank you. I’m Mike Peters, 26 years old from the Netherlands. I’m a big animal lover and a down to earth person. Someone who enjoys the little things in life everyday. In my daily life I work as a freelance model and as a lab technician in a hospital. For the rest I love to travel and help people and animals all over the world because i believe education will make the world a little better every day.

Cyrus Kaiser: Ohh great! Have you ever heard others say that animal lovers are good people? Hehemp. From being an animal lover how did you get into pageants? And what is your first pageant?

Mike: Someone asked me to join the pageant because they told me i’m confident with a beautiful heart that’s why I started joining pageant. And i didn’t had any pageants before i joined Mister International Netherlands.


Cyrus Kaiser: In 2016, you were unplaced in Mister International Netherlands. What made you decide when you joined again in Mister International Netherlands 2017?

Mike: I met Pia Wurtzbach in Thailand. She told me never give up, She told me she did it three times ’till she did win Miss Universe
So since she told me, I’m sure that one day I get the tittle and make my dreams come true. Being a good role model not only a mister.

Cyrus Kaiser: Ok, I’m putting you on the spot. Because of the post i made at the Misterology page about gay men who joined male pageants, many people already knew that you are a homosexual. Are you GAY or BI?

Mike: I’m not gaysexual. I’m an open mined person but I prefer girls. I believe that true love is not about age, sex, skin, colour or race. Love is just love. And if we all look back deep into Mother Nature we will understand that much better, because in Mother Nature we don’t make any difference in sexuality, skin colour, races or ages they are all the same, for example look at the panda, its black, white, Asian fat and everybody loves it.

Cyrus Kaiser: Ahh so it means you are attracted to both gender but you prefer for girls?

Mike: Yes for sure!


Cyrus Kaiser: So meaning to say, as a bisexual, you never had any experience making love with guys in your 26 years of existence?

Mike: No not more than cuddle and kiss. Only kissing. I just found out that I like boys 1.5 years ago so never did experience. I never had a relationship with a boy too. I don’t like random sex. I like Asian people but i live in the Netherlands so to find love it’s hard.

Without relationship I don’t like sex, Because sex is something special between 2 people. When I was young I did experience with girls, Yes.


Cyrus Kaiser: When did you lose your virginity?

Mike: When I was 16. My first time was that I was with a girl on holiday to Curacao where we had one night in a hotel.

Cyrus Kaiser: What’s the dirtiest or sexiest thing you’ve ever done?

Mike: Sex on the beach in Thailand recently Hahaha

Cyrus Kaiser: You’re standing in front of the mirror naked. What’s your best feature?

Mike: My smile is my best thing. Happy with my total package: my body, my face my smile and my beautiful heart.


Cyrus Kaiser: What are your long-term goals?

Mike: My long term goals are to be a famous role model, someone who is an inspiration for everyone in the world. I wanna help stray animals and humans all over the world.

Cyrus Kaiser: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Mike: To my fans all I wanna say is always stay yourself. Dont die a copy…and I love my fans from the bottom of my heart. As i mostly say mahal kita.

Thanks so much for being with us Mike! Thank you for the time. Muahh!

Written by Rob

Misterology Pageant Analyst. Traveller. Nature lover. Blogger. Loves European and Chinese movies. Geography. Novels. Oliver Twist. The Reader. God Bless The Broken Road and all Rascal Flatts songs. John Denver. You Can Read All About It by Emeli Sande.

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