MISTEROLOGY’s FINAL PICKS for #MenUniverseModel2016
Men Universe Model pageant never disappoint us every edition with extremely good quality of contenders. VENEZUELA’s Luis Baez tops the list. He isn’t just muscles. He has charisma and intelligence demonstrating great maturity for his young age. His consistency and firmness in the competition makes him a very competitive candidate this year. He’s maybe up also against Julien Celette of FRANCE. His stunning manly beauty, international model look, and his overall personality appeal is more captivating and inviting. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC’s very own Victor Manuel Alcantara comes third. He is one of the best competitor this year. Vibrant and motivated. You will be more impressed with his rugged manly look that added more charisma on him. Completing the top 5 are CURACAO and BRAZIL.
2.FRANCE – Julien Celette
3.DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Victor Manuel Alcantara
4.CURACAO – Joshua Martina
5.BRAZIL – Breno Ruis
6.POLAND – Adrian Krzyzanski
7.COSTA RICA – Andrés Segura
8.MEXICO – Sergio Montesinos
9.PANAMA – Marlon Polo
10.BOLIVIA – Giovanny Roca
11.Czech Republic 12.Nicaragua. 13.Belgium 14.Puerto Rico 15.Philippines 16.Saona Island 17.Netherlands 18.India
Finals will be held on July 15, 2016 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Written by Rob

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