Mister Handsome Continental 2017 – Contestants

Look at the faces of our contestant! Who will be the next Mister Handsome 2017?

Photo: Luis Enrique Ordeñana Rojas
Photo session manager: Amarilis Sosa
Makeup: Juan Brenes Salon & Instituto de Alta Peluqueria

16602835_1248779591874436_5405444612441754985_n 16683897_1249065851845810_8353151601032144037_n 16684182_1248779578541104_5841755148381738158_n 16708238_1248779845207744_5126059797053783862_n 16708762_1248779715207757_8986789902604612396_n 16711773_1248779725207756_1298520060137460309_n 16729127_1248779585207770_4983713323271427402_n 16729179_1248779661874429_830882624281654366_n

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