Contest Mister Brasil 2017 officially announces the candidates for the contest that will take place in December in the city of São Paulo!

The Mister Brasil 2017 contest begins to spread its pre-candidates who will be vying for a vacancy to compete for the title of most beautiful man in the country.

The current owner of the crown, Mister Brazil 2016 Willian Herculano, who replaced Mariano Junior – Mister Brazil 2015, is closely following the qualifiers and giving tips to the candidates. The biggest tip is social engagement, where every week Mister Brazil goes to the streets of São Paulo with some candidates to bring food and clothing to the homeless.

The official party that will elect Mister Brazil 2017 will take place in the city of São Paulo on December 11 and will be attended by many personalities in the audience and in the jury body of the contest.

Let’s wait for this great party and keep an eye on the news that the contest promises to bring to this edition.
The National Coordination of the Miss and Mister Brasil contest, in its edition of Mister Brazil 2017, is the only official franchise recognized by the Pro-Beauty Union and by the proposal of PL4747 / 4016 authored by Deputy Federal Ricardo Izar. The same released first hand some of the candidates for the Mister Brazil title that were selected this year.



Mister ABC

Leonardo Alencar – Mister ABC Paulista 2017. Fotografia: Jeff Inuyart


Mister Avare

Matheus Willian – Mister Avaré 2017. Fotografia: Ronaldo Gutierrez



Mister Botucatu

Felipe Camazano – Mister Botucatu 2017. Fotografia: Thiago Teixeira


Mister Osasco

Lucas Moura – Mister Osasco 2017. Fotografia: Ronaldo Gutierrez


Mister Piracicaba

Pedro Pasqualin – Mister Piracicaba 2017. Fotografia: Thiago Dell’Ova


Mister Presidente

Diego Kawano – Mister Presidente Prudente 2017. Fotografia: Ronaldo Gutierrez


Mister Santa Cruz

Gustavo Silva – Mister Santa Cruz das Palmeiras 2017. Fotografia: Ronaldo Gutierrez


Mister Sao Bernardo

Marcel Siqueira – Mister São Bernardo do Campo 2017. Fotografia: Junior Franch