Mister National France


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Mister National France is the only  french contest that sends representative in international. The contest is well known in the country and in the the world.

Since 1996, the organization sends a French representative to Mister World.


Thibault Marchand is Mister National 2014.


Mister National France is  an national beauty contest open to all contestants around the country “France”. The eligibility conditions to enter into the Mister National Contest are:
–          Be at least 18 years of age nor more than 35 on the date of the Mister National final
–          Measure at least 1m78
–          Shall be of good character, beauty of face, with a good physique, with a high level of fitness and possessed of good personality…



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Organization of Mister National France



The presidents of this organization is R. De Neuville and R. Cerruti.


Website : www.mister-national.com


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