“Hi, my name is Emmette Dillon I am absolutely honoured to be representing Derry City at the Mr Ireland final on the 5th of June in Dublin. I am 28 year old nurse, cancer awareness campiagner and I have worked as a model for the last 9 years. Furthermore, my proudest achievement to date has been establishing the #Bebravebebodyawarebecancerfree campaign over the last two years. The onus of this campaign is to encourage people of all ages to be aware of their own bodies as a means of preventing a cancer diagnosis or catch the disease at a treatable stage. So far we have published two implied nudity calenders and released a charity single which was co-written/performed by Once the Musical star Dylan Reid. Although i am immensely proud of all the campaign has achieved, looking back i now know that i immersed myself in every project as a means of blocking out the loss of my mother. As a result i completely crashed/burned and found myself in a very dark place. I am ashamed to say that i had presumptious opinions regarding suicide/ depression, as a naturally positive person i struggled to understand why people could not pick themselves up and move forward. But i now understand that depression/anxiety is all consuming, it not only shatters your confidence, but it affects every aspect of your life, makes you incredibly paranoid and undermines frienships/relationships so much so that you feel that you are a burden to your loved ones. Therefore i hope to focus on men’s mental health/suicide prevention during my title reign.
Secured the cover of the North West's biggest and best free publication 'Highlight Magazine'.
Secured the cover of the North West’s biggest and best free publication ‘Highlight Magazine’.
Working in healthcare/ running a cancer awareness campaign has highlighted that there is still a stigma surrounding men’s mental health, men are reluctant to seek help, they tend to feel immasculated. Its so important to just speak to someone as your own head can be a very isolating place, issues that could be solved easily become unbareable, and hence the horrible cycle of anxiety/depression continues. I personally have found solace in writing, meditation and physical exercise, as well as following a ‘clean eating’ diet which is low in sugar/ free of proceessed foods. I also found comfort in my pets/ animals hence why i will be supporting the Rainbow Rehoming Centre. I would say to anyone who is feeling down, there is light at the end of tunnel, but only you as an individual can bring about change. Losing my mum was absolutely devastating, i miss and love her more each passing day, but i believe that i am now a stronger person as a result, and i will use the pain of loss to push me forwarded in order to make her proud. At 28 years of age i can honestly say that its only now that i am truly comfortable in my own skin. We only have one shot at life and i fully intend to capitalise on any opportunities that come my way. I am not going to the Mr Ireland competition to compete, i am going to win as i know that it is an incredible opportunity and i know i have the drive/determination to represent my City/Country on a global stage. I just hope i can make the people of Derry proud, the compassion and support they have shown me has never ceased to amaze. Our city is a creative hub, it celebrates multiculturalism, so much so that we were awarded the UK city of culture 2013. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my agent/best friend Asheligh Coyle of Elusive Managament for building my confidence/pushing me forward. I would also like to thank my amazingly generous sposnors who are helping me prepare for the Mr Ireland contest.” Kind regards Emmette Dillon
Good luck Emmette!!!

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