Exclusive Interview : Mister Italy 2018, Mirko Pividori

The new Mister Italia has been elected in the beautiful contest of Perla, Casinò & Hotel in Nova Gorica. The newly Mister Italia is the 19 years old MIRKO PIVIDORE from Tavagnacco (Udine) . Mirko, 1.84 tall with black hair and brown eyes, likes to define himself as a friendly, honest and challanging boy. Mirko who works as attendant in a very famous fashion shop in Udine, until some months ago was playing soccer in a local team, and he will restart playing from the next season. Supporter of the soccer Milan Footbal team, his best football player is Ronaldo from Real Madrid. He would like to work in the movie and music field, in the latter he performs already as DJ and he has produced music on “MORK SAPIENS” his YouTube profile. Attending just by chance to the Mister Italia contest won all the single legs until the final ones. In the future months he will partecipate to the international male pageant.


Your Name :  Mirko Pividori

Your Title : Mister Italy

Your Country: Italy, city Tavagnacco (Udine)


 1) Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you?

I’m a shop assistant with the desire to become an important model. My second desire are to become dj and producer together with my friend, and i want to build a studio in New York, my studio, where i can create a lot of song, to express my emotions through the music

2)     Tell us what it means to be “ Mister Italy “ and what it changed for you?

Mister Italy for me is important because i can be the model of italy all over the world It changed a lot because a lot of people recognizes me , and so i’m so happy for this


3)      Can you show us a fun selfie?

I haven’t selfies on my phone, i am always together with my friends


4)      What is your favorite food? 


 32150416_10212318594827153_1046291674398982144_n (1)

5)      What is your favorite movie? 

Forrest gump 


6)      What is your favorite animal?



7)      What are your two favorite colors? 

Green and red


8)      Name your favorite book!

the pillars of the earth


9)      Name your favorite magazine!


Mirko Pividore a

10)  What is your favorite song or music video?

heart – dubvision


11)  Who is your favorite celebrity?

martin garrix


12)   What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

believe always in your dreams, because you have to fight to have them.

Fight for all the things that you want, because this is the only way to live in a perfect harmony with you and your personality.

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