Exclusive Interview with Mister  Globe Namibia  2021, Muyenga Johannes


Exclusive Interview with Mister  Globe Namibia  2021, Muyenga Johannes

  1. First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Well, thank you so much, My Name is Johannes Muyenga. I was born about 25 year ago in a small town called Ruacana in Northern part of Namibia. I am a qualified Teacher and when I am not shaping the youth of my country, I  am a  track athlete and song writer


  1. What are your next projects ?

I plan to offer training  to  young athletes in  remote  areas of my country  where  there  are  no clubs or coaches  for athletics, besides that I will continue to help rescue  abandoned  animals such as dogs and cats In my work with  our local animal protection center, the SPCA Namibia


  1. If you are elected « Mister Globe 2021 », what will be your first action ?

Being the first Namibian in Mister Globe is already an honor and if I am offered this amazing opportunity, I will continue with my work in promoting health and fitness. This will give me a global voice to  push for the importance  of healthy  eating and  keeping fit as I am a living  example of maintaining good health. As part of my contribution to the Mr. Globe Pageant I plan to use this platform to continue carrying out the purpose of the organization which is Mister with a Cause. I plan to promote the pageant in my country and make sure I am not the only Mister Globe from Namibia by motivating and inspiring other young men to stand up and use their voices for the betterment of others.


  1. Mister Globe’s slogan is “Mister with a cause”. Do you support a cause?

Yes, I am apart of a platform in my town where we help young athletes get the necessary training and programs  in making them use their talents of athletics to help better their own livelihoods. As a teacher I get to be apart of shaping the future of my country by instilling this kids with good morals and values for the future.


  1. What is your favorite song or music video?

I resonate allot with  Enrique Iglesias’  Hero , been on my playlist for a while now lol


  1. What is your favorite food?

I am a Chicken, pasta dish kinda guy

  1. What is your favorite animal ?

That will definitely have to be a Lion because I like to believe I am a beast too. Lol


  1. What is your favorite movie ?

Rocky 2


  1. What is your favorite color ?

Actually I have two favourite colours, both represents a different element in my life. That would be Red and Black


  1. Name your favorite book ?



  1. Name your favorite magazine ?

I think this one is  obvious lol, I read a lot Men Health magazine


  1. Who is your favorite celebrity ?

Chris Brown


  1. What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Firstly I would just like to thank my team here in Namibia, since I was appointed the first ever Mister Globe Namibia, the support and love has been overwhelming and I am really honored. A door has been opened and I am glad I got to be the one to walk through it. My message is just that of “When you believe, you will achieve”, anything  is achievable  and  if you  have  a goal  you  want  to achieve, get up and  start  working  towards  the  goal.  Yet again thank you  for having me, Mister Globe Namibia 2021 , peace out and Thank you.

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