Exclusive Interview with Mister Tourism Puerto Rico 2022

1) First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?
Thank you so much.

Edgar Joel Acevedo Otero is a 30-year-old man, born on July 19, 1992.

I have studies in business administration with a concentration in Marketing and Advertising from the University of Puerto Rico.

To tell a little about my background, at the age of 17 I began my career as a model participating in competitions whose purpose was to search for new talents that would appear in advertising campaigns and catwalks in the country. Thus, in 2011 I was the winner of the Puerto Rico Fashion Male Model competition.

I also works as an entrepreneur on my own fast food business in the area of “food truck”, putting my knowledge in the field of business, Marketing and Business Administration into action.

Likewise I stands out as an awareness influencer for the fight against mental health, through my platform: “Somos Resilientes”, seeks to educate the general public about the effects of anxiety on the human being, and at the same time deconstruct social ideals that prevent patients from not seeking appropriate psychological help.

In my spare time, I loves to spend time with my family. At the same time, I really enjoy visiting the beaches, rivers, and places of interest on the Island; enjoy the pleasures of Puerto Rican gastronomy. I considers myself passionate about exercise and healthy eating.

2) What are your next projects ?

I have many long and short term plans. But my greatest desire is to enter the world of telecommunications and I aspire to be a TV host

3) If you are elected “Mister Tourism world 2022”, what will be your first action ?

Definitely visit my mother and give her my trophy. She has undoubtedly been a fundamental part in my process as Mister Puerto Rico and deserves her recognition.

4) Mister Tourism World ‘s slogan is “Building a better World”. Do you support a cause?
Yes! I am currently working with my platform Mental Health and Tourism where I show people the benefits of tourism for our mental health. I win the battle against anxiety and I want other people to be able to do the same.

5) What is your favorite song or music video?
I consider myself a super romantic man. My favorite song is “Mi Princesa” by Spain singer David Bisbal.

6 ) What is your favorite food?
I love to eat. My favorite food is lasagna and my favorite Puerto Rican food is alcapurrias.

7) What is your favorite animal ?
My favorite animal is the elephant. I identify a lot with this animal because they are very familiar and they give everything for their family.

8) What is your favorite movie ?
As I mentioned before I am a romantic man. My favorite movie is “The Notebook”.

9) What is your favorite color ?
My favorite color is turquoise blue for me it represents the color of the beaches of my island the place where I find peace.

10) Name your favorite book ?
My favorite book is Unbreakable by Daniel Habif. This book marked a before and after in my life. I read it when I was going through very sad, dark and lonely times due to my anxiety condition and it helped me to overcome it.

11) Name your favorite magazine ?
Men’s Health magazine because I find tips on nutrition and exercise.

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?
I identify with J Balvin because like me after the pandemic he suffered from anxiety and had the courage to speak out to break the stigmas about mental health.

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

As I always say, “Never be ashamed to tell your story because you can inspire others”. Thanks for the support!

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