Scandal at Mister Glocal International

For several days, the national delegates of Mister Glocal International had been disappointed with the competition. Some call it cheating. The international Mister Glocal competition based in Ghana had decided to hold a virtual election. The public therefore had to elect the winner.

Mister Glocal Martinique was declared the winner at the end of the results by public but for incomprehensible reasons it was Indonesia which was chosen by the organization.
The Mister Glocal organization blocked several national delegates and no longer responded to messages.
The candidate from Mexico wrote that hedid not know that he was participating in the competitions. The organizers therefore lied.

So we tried to contact them but they didn’t answer us and blocked us on their Instagram competition.

The organization had also carried out the Miss Glocal international course by vote. One of the candidates Clara who represented France explains the same problems to us.

Several national delegates have contacted us because the organization has been unprofessional.

Sheylys Bavier, National Director of Martinique, informs us that her candidate is the big winner. Yohan Rodin is therefore the new Mister Glocal International 2023.

Clara from France inform us that she is the new Miss Glocal international 2023.

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