Exclusive Interview with Roberto Gay, Founder of Mister Globe and Misterology


Roberto De Neuville is the founder of Mister Globe and Misterology. In this exclusive interview with Misterology, he talked about his pageant and and his future goals.

1)     First of all, thank for this interview.Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you?  My name is Roberto De Neuville. I am the founder of Mister Globe and Misterology. I am a high educated person at Reunion Island university. Reunion Island is an island and region of France in the Indian Ocean, east of Madagascar and 175 kilometres (109 mi) southwest of Mauritius. I lived for more than 10 years in Paris and live today in Lyon. Since I was a child, I was passionate about singing and music. I have always been a fighter. I consider myself sociable, charismatic. I also volunteer in a fundation which is dedicated to people with cancer. It is amazing to see the smile on their faces when they discover they could realize a dream.In 2012, I created Misterology, the leading beauty pageant website that covers and analyzes the male pageants around the world. Today, we have 5 great reporters who inform us about male beauty contests in the worlds. I thank them for their collaboration (Cyrus, Greg, Tony, Jay and Gagan).In 2013, I created Mister Globe pageant, Miss Planet and Mister Planet Pageant. I always wanted organize an international beauty contest.

2)     Tell us about your international pageant? 

The Mister Globe competition is an annual event and believes that every man should be “the world’s most handsome man.”

Mister Globe spends the year travelling around the world in support of worthy causes. “Mister with a cause” will be created in 2017. “Mister with a cause” will operate internationally.

The Mister Globe contest is a 5 -7 days competition designed to test the candidates in a variety of ways through a series of challenge events, interviews and a final stage show.
A global event, each candidate represents a single country, an island…

The eligibility conditions to enter into the Mister Globe Contest are: Be at least 18 years of age nor more than 33 on the date of the Mister Globe final ; Measure at least 1m75; Shall be of good character, beauty of face, with a good physique, with a high level of fitness and possessed of good personality…

3)     What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

“Believe always in your dreams” and “A world in Peace” : These are my messages. I want to give a huge thanks to everyone because it feels amazing to get support from people all over the world concerning the competition of Mister Globe but also for Misterology.

4)      Can you show us a funny selfie?


5)      What is your favorite food? 

I do not have a favorite food. Each country has a food that I appreciate very much.

6)      What is your favorite movie? 

“Ghost” is one of my favorite movies.

7)     What is your favorite animal.

I have two cats (Shiva and Hermes) and one dog (Zeus).

8)      What are your two favorite colors? 

Black and White like a song of Mickael Jackson (Black or White)

9)      Name your favorite book!

Unlimited Power   by Anthony Robbins


10)   Name your favorite magazine!

I say “Misterology, the best 🙂

11)   What is your favorite song or music video?

Sia “Cheap Thrills”

12)   Who is your favorite celebrity?

My favourite celebrity is Nelson Mandela because he has changed this world.

Jay : Thanks Roberto for this interview.

Roberto : Thanks Jay

The candidates of Mister Model International Pageant 2016 visit the Rohtak city for Interzonal Youth Festival

The candidates of Mister Model International Pageant 2016 visit the Rohtak city for Interzonal Youth Festival

Mister Model International Japan 2016 is Katsuya Nakada.