Luong Gia Huy will represent Vietnam in the next edition of Mister Universal Ambassador.

Luong Gia Huy will represent Vietnam in the next edition of Mister Universal Ambassador. One of the most awaited international male pageant in the world, the Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 .  The winner of the second edition, Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 Aleksa Gavrilovic of Serbia will crown his successor at the grand finals.

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Mister Universal Ambassador is a contest which present a Challenging Pageant Period and Competitive Final Night. For this year event, all contestants will be evaluated based on following competitions :

WORLD SPEECH CONTEST, This year theme is “Embracing Unity Beyond Diversity”. 50+Contestants will join our early audition since only 10 best speakers will perform in front of the public in a National University. This is one of the major session of this contest.

UNIVERSAL FASHION FESTIVAL, Where all contestant will show off their modeling skills by presenting some wardrobes. There are three sessions of this fashion show : Formal Wear, Swimwear ans Casual Fashion

TALENT SHOW, Technic and Starring factors are very important in this session

SPORT COMPETITION, This year is all about Beach Sports

PORTOFOLIO PRESENTATION, we will work with the winner for 1 year that we need to know them one by one through their portofolio which consist of : Their lifetime achievment, media coverage, integrity project, and healthy lifestyle. The judges of this session is all contestants them selves.


TOP 15 Semi – Finalist   :Beachwear and Formal Wear Competition (Body & Model Look)
TOP 7 Finalist : Question and Answer (Intelligence)
TOP 3 Ambassadors : World Diplomacy Statement (Public Speaking & Cases Analysis)


Darasing Khurana wins Mister India International 2017.

Aratch Wittayagone wins Mister Supranational Thailand 2017.