Who is the real owner of the Brand Mister Globe ?


2 organizations say that  “Mister Globe” is their brand  : IMC based in France and RCA based in Turkey.

So we decided to prove who is right and who is the real OWNER of the brand “Mister Globe” .

IMC Corporation organized the first Mister Globe in 2014 (Roberto Rodrigues). The brand was registered in 2014 in France and internationally after.  He write “International trademark.”  their website is  www.misterglobe.net and facebook https://www.facebook.com/misterglobe/.

Certificate Mr Globe1
RCA a give a sash of  “Mister Globe International” at Jesus Beccera Cerna the second runner-up of Mister Universal Ambassador 2016 during the event. Why ?  it is THE question!!!!.  At this moment, RCA hasn’t got a mark or never organized a male contest.  On end of October 2017, ( 2 months ago) They are registered without permission of IMC Corporation a brand. they  haven’t got a website and informations.




You can see that US Patent and Trademark office write first use in commerce. Rasim and RCA lied because they say the Mister Globe is their brand since 2004. It is False. They have used the terms Mister Globe without the real owner.


1 month ago, Facebook closed the “Mister Globe International” page created by RCA (Facebook number of the report  n° 330314017451644) , A GREAT VICTORY for IMC Corporation.

IMC Corporation has notified RCA and Christine Huang to don’t use their brand : Mister Globe . IMC demand to RCA and Christine Hunag to change the name of their contest or collaborate with them.
RCA is represented by Rasim and Christine Huang who organize also Mister Ocean . They used the mark without permission and  agreement of IMC Corporation based in France.

Here the notice that IMC Corporation sent to RCA and Christine Huang :

notice christine

2 week ago, IMC Corporation has contacted Jesus Cerreda Cerna and noticed him to don’t use Mister Globe or collaborate with then if Jesus wants to use “Mister Globe” and Jesus accept to collaborate with IMC Corporation. We have got the message writed by Jesus. Here is the  message to Jesus after his notice : « I for my part if I am willing to work Mr »




Christine, angry, writes a post on her facebook and defaming IMC Corporation; mentioning Mister Globe’s link and write:” Directors, do not support this shameless organization”. She hasn’t a  professional attitude.  it’s not the first time she’s done it.

Many people writes what they think about Christine Huang :





Christine Huang have got a Probleme with Miss Earth and the Missosology say that she is not credible : http://missosology.org/miss-earth/news-miss-earth/24797-controversy-miss-earths-taiwanese-nd-complains-about-food/

On Missosology again, there is a discussion about her and her organization with a title : CHRISTINE HUANG- Organizer of various scam and fraud Pageant   http://missosology.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=789311


We have all documents from both parties. We have written evidences.


The real owner of the Brand of Mister Globe is IMC corporation based in France and they have the intellectual porperty for Mister Globe.

And the fake organization is RCA .

Misterology supports the real Mister Globe Organization : IMC Corporation (Roberto Rodrigues). here the real information about this pageant :

Website : www.misterglobe.net or www.misterglobe.tv

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/misterglobe/


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