Exclusive Interview with Mister Tourism India 2022

1) First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

I am Mithun Debbarma – Mister Tourism World India 2022. I belong to the Northeast Indian state of Tripura. I am an actor, model, social activist and yogi. I hold a degree in civil engineering and have been working as a model and actor in India. I have appeared in a series of music videos in India that have received over a million views. Recently. I appeared in 2 feature films in India and working on my next movie. Alongside this, I am a social activist and associated with a few NGOs in India. One of the major NGO’s that I volunteer for is a blood donation camp alongside it. I am a strong advocate for Education All For movement and the Go Green movement and have been working with the Indian NGO’s in the education sector as well. 

2) What are your next projects ?

My Next Project- currently focusing  to open my own NGO (FREE EDUCATION)

Mainly for  the poor family kids (who is unfortunate to afford the money for studies) could come and study for free; will provide them to study free courses..I believe that education is the most powerful weapon,Because youth and children  are the future of our next generation; it’s really important to empowering our future generation with the right life skills for a better future world.

3) If you are elected “Mister Tourism world 2022”, what will be your first action ?

If I ended up winning the Mister Tourism World title then I would like to use this platform to reach out to the larger audience and support the causes that Mister Tourism World organization works for. For me winning the title is not merely about walking the runway or doing photoshoots, it is also about touching people’s lives and being a positive influence on others. Education and environmental conservation are two of the major sectors that I would like to contribute to if I ended up winning the title along with promoting the tourism industry. Education is a powerful tool that can create awareness and bring about positive change and we all know that climate change is real and our environment is suffering therefore I would like to work for these two causes. 

4) Mister Tourism World ’s slogan is “Building a better World”. Do you support a cause?

Yes, I do support the cause – Building a better world together. I believe as fellow human beings, it is our responsibility that we support each other in the times of crises. A collective effort helps in bringing change at a much larger scale. Joining hands to work for something that could bring a positive outcome would serve a stronger purpose and will surely make this world a better place to live not only for the current generation but for many more generations to come in the future as well. 

5) What is your favorite song or music video?

Favorite song – Unstoppable by Sia..

Beautiful Now by Zedd and Alone Pt. II by Ava Max and Alan Walker.

And the Music Video would be. My own song ,where I have played the role  

Song – (Oh Da chikon) based on my roots where it’s shows our traditional attire and ancestors house etc. u can watch it too on YouTube ☺️

6) What is your favorite food?usic video?

Favorite food – Everything that I cook with my mother. 

7) What is your favorite animal ?

Favorite animal – Dog  because they are the most loyal and friendly in this world.

8) What is your favorite movie ?

My favorite move is Fault in our Stars. The movie really touched my heart and taught me to value life, friendship, bonds that we share with people and to live in the moment. 

And also my own movie which  just got release on November 2022,

Movie name – Majra Saboni which mean WHOM TO BLAME,this really has really tought me a lots of things in life (We have shooted this in rural remote  area for almost 1 years; where there is no electricity,no water supply facilities etc.) But the one things that I have seen from the villagers is that they are happy and staying in peace and unity,sporting one each another;They live happily even though they dnt have everything like urban people do.

Lesson I have learned from them is (we shouldn’t complain in our life of what we dnt have,Instead we should be thankful of what we have;As they help each other we all should help and support too one each another and that’s how we will grow and live peacefully.

9) What is your favorite color ?

My favorite color is Red and white Because that represent love and Peace ❤️ This is what  in our life we mostly need it,the love and peace for everyone 

10) Name your favorite book ?

I have two favorite books actually that I recently read, one is A midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare and other one, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. 

11) Name your favorite magazine ?

Well, here I would say the magazine Imagecity is my favorite because it was the first magazine that I got featured in after I won the title of Rubaru Mr. India 2022. 

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?

I admire Angelina Jolie and Cristiano Ronaldo. Both of them have excelled in their respective fields and have touched several lives across the globe with their work and actions.

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Special Message to my fans; Thank you so much for everything,you guys are my strength (which made me unstoppable) and you guys are the reason where today I am standing in this position..and it’s because of your pure  love support and prayers..It’s just a beginning and I wll give my 100% best to make you all proud…

And to my fellow contestants I can’t wait to meet you all my brothers;Cnt wait to learn the beautiful culture from all of them.

We gonna rock and make it the best the 6th edition of MTW.

The most prestigious male pageant of the world ❤️

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