Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Indonesia 2021 : Gugi Gustito Hadid

Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Indonesia 2021 : Gugi Gustito Hadid

1)  First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?
Hello MISTERLOGY, i am Gugi Gustito Hadid, 26 years old from Indonesia, i am a bachelor of Human Resources Management and still on going for finishing my Economic Master Degree. I am an entrepreneur which is running my own coffee shop since December 2019 and im proudly say that all the food and beverage on the menu list is all made by my own special recipes, you should try!
I am a part of the enviromental lovers comunity since 2013 that focusing our program to planting trees and fight the global warming issue, so in every month i will go to the mountain or several area that had problem with deforestsation to do our project, then got the happy camping after that, so basicly what we do is doing a positif things and holiday at the same time which is really joyfull.

2) What are your next projects ?
My first project is, I am projecting to develop our enviroment lovers comunity for not only exist in my province, but also at the other place across Indonesia, even the entire Globe because i realizded that this is was a global isssue that we should care of, and to be the part of people that could be save our planet in the future, all that should do just doing simple things but meaningfull such as planting trees. So right now we’re try to make a bigger connection to make it happen.
My second project is opening the new branch of my coffee shop which is already on going for about half way to done, so if everythings running well, my first branch of my coffee shop will be launching on 19 August 2021 which is on my birthday date, so i made that project as a birthday gift to appreciate my business career after all the things that i’ve been through.

3) If you are elected « Mister Globe 2021 », what will be your first action ?
I will use my voice to raise awareness about the Global warning issue, also continuing the vision and mission of the Mister Globe Organization.

4) Mister Globe’s slogan is “Mister with a cause”. Do you support a cause?
I do support and couldnt agree more with the slogan, cause as a milenial youth that living in now day, we should change our mindset to be the person that can create positive impact in our social life no matter how small that we do it will pay off at the future, So its time for us to get up and do something positive.

5) What is your favorite song or music video?
Kygo feat Ed Sheeran – I see fire, was always on my playlist. The lyric and melody was alway gave me chillin, happy, relax, and spirit vibes.

6) What is your favorite food?

7) What is your favorite animal ?
Dog, and i had a pet his name is bony, and he’s 8 years old right now.

8) What is your favorite movie ?
Both season of Maleficent.

9) What is your favorite color ?

10) Name your favorite book ?
Biography, especially about royal family.

11) Name your favorite magazine ?


12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?
Angelina Jolie

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?
There’s nobody can’t stop you from going and get your dream, find your true happiness, and always believing the progress because even the miracle take’s a litle time.

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