Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Portugal 2021 : Vítor de Almeida

Exclusive Interview with Mister Globe Portugal 2021 : Vítor de Almeida




  • First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

I’m really thankful and glad for this opportunity and it’s with giant pleasure that I’m answering this questions to your magazine.

I’m Vítor de Almeida a proud 33 years old, and 1 meter and 92 centimeters, professional actor (with Meisner Studies) and sometimes make some model works (but not considering myself as professional model), that loves a simple life apart is big passion for all the kinds of actings and forms of art (mainly classical music and classical art from sculptures to buildings construction) that makes me travel very much to many different cities and countries, also in order to know better and with my eyes to their culture.

I love to be close to some beach or pool to take some sun and swim a bit. Being a lover of basically all kinds of sport i always have some ball of any sport and some rackets for beach tennis, paddle or badminton.

For me to take care of having the most healthy diet (always without any kind of fried food and reducing the intake of sugar at the most) its not a process to be fit but to have a longer and better life, and its one of my goals to always try everybody surrounding me and my followers to take the same for their lifes in their benefit reducing lots of diseases they can get. Of course in this i also promote a lot to people exercise, even if in this case i dont do it only for health but because i love to spend my time always playing something and exercising me in all kinds of ways possible, since boxing to being alone making some soccer shoots and some freestyle soccer.

Since i have the graduation in Psychology and post graduation studies in Health Psychology one of my big fights are also for a better healthcare in Portugal, to demystify some bad thoughts of people about going to a Psychologist and to tobacco and drinking of hardcore alchool cessation.


  • What are your next projects?

Next one will be a comedy monologue for theater that its in phase of writing by an amazing writer i have the pleasure to call my friend, João Lobato de Faria, and that i will try as actor to reach the most of it to make people have lots of fun in this so hard pandemic phase and i wish to go to all parts of Portugal with this theater play, not only to stay in the big cities, but mainly to take theater and fun to the most forgotten communities of Portugal. What in Portugal people miss so much to take care and to go to the all villages and towns that have lower population and in most of the cases only a very old community that for me this Elders are the ones we should take more care and give them our time cause they done lots of efforts in their lifes and they cant be forgotten, for me is one of the duties we most follow.


  • If you are elected « Mister Globe 2021 », what will be your first action?

I will contact every channel and tv program in Portugal using the title to spread even more all my messages of #SpreadLove that have everything to do with this care, acceptance to all type of people, no matter their singularity we have the duty to make this a better world for everybody, to connect more than we do in most of the cities and drink from the villages where everybody take care of each other, talk to each other and have a complete unconditional acceptance instead of judging so much and the try to hurt others. We just live once and we just have this planet so we need to make the best for every human being or part of nature in order to make the best of our lifes and each other lifes. Love is the magic that should always be present in all the moments of our day.

  • Mister Globe’s slogan is “Mister with a cause”. Do you support a cause?

Totally and im really glad of it, cause in my life even before i was a recognised actor for my roles in tv soap operas i had already many causes that i supported and not only sharing this messages, or helping some people talking with them for free to help with that issues of day by day life that made them suffer a lot, or even helping with some psychologist consultation but also in the help with clothes to some child institutions and also toys always in anonymous as i prefer cause if i always done it when i was not known i think i should keep like this and dont need people to thank me, cause i wish everybody would do the same for me its i needed. As i said previously is a duty we all should embrace to help and to make a better day for the most people we can as we enjoyed if it was ourselves needing that care and that company.

Even in my licenciature (Psychology graduation years) i had made a lot of volunteer work, with autist child applying the sunrise program, in some institutions helping with organization of things, i had been part of the 1st international conference on LGBT psychology and related fields, also part of the organization of 2 congress regarding mental health (all as total volunteer and helping in many functions)

As long as i had more followers i always kept my many messages on all this causes that i described from the single ones to the more extensive ones like making single gests that can contribute a lot to our environment/mother nature to be more protected, to try get a owner for abandoned animals.

I think the most causes we can embrace and share messages about it, the better cause they will reach people in different ways, that can change their thinking in habits.

And as in the TV i get very known by my homossexual role in a soap opera i had been really helpful to many young and not so young people talking a lot with them in instagram in private messages after many of them had reached me with a congratulate word and telling me their issues from not knowing how to tell their family or how to face some type of situation that comes together with their sexuality or gender. And i keep using #loveislove tag and messages to make everybody understand that we should respect and be happy with all forms of love. We should never be hurt cause of who we are or who we choose to have a relationship or what kind of relationship it is, the important is that we are happy with it and the all parts involved as well and everybody around should be totally happy and supportive with it, all the time.

Judge should be only used for crimes and in courts, not in the street, in the tv, or wherever… Its a thing i had for long with the catechism learnings i had for many years of my life since i was 7 years old and that i keep till today also with the amazing example that all my family always given to be mainly by watching them always be like that so kind and so peacefull. Also for me I never stop thinking about the influence of being raised with so many hours close to my GrandMother, my GrandGrand Mother and my Mother and the way that woman more sensitive and care said took always me to raise as a better man without any need of making fights or show my masculinity by struggling others wishes and needs and that unfortunately we keep seeing here and there that keep being a sad reality in 2021… We should just be happy with others happiness and to be part of its grown of happiness.


  • What is your favorite song or music video?

From a long, long time that my favorite songs it’s the Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror, the impact it had in my life maybe i’m just recognising it right now that i’m writing this cause the lyric totally comes into everything now as adult i portrait and defend… the way we should look to ourselves to get the best of us and to help all others that we face day by day… And Michael was an outstanding human being and probably the most famous person that makes a complete fighter for all the causes that unfortunately we still have to face and defend nowadays, what i say so many times how hard its to me that we are in 2021 and its still some human being that didnt had made is evolution to a NEW ERA of total love and help to all others that habit this amazing WORLD.

The music video also pops automatically to my mind the Powerful THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US, again of Michael Jackson, all the strength and the culture we can see in that video its just amazing.

  • What is your favorite food?

Cozido à Portuguesa (go google it, you will love it!!! Most traditional and Amazing Dish in Portuguese Culinary)


  • What is your favorite animal ?

I have so many from the beauty, kindness and how they help human beings in many therapies and not only, from dolphins to butterflies. But the one that keeps at first to my mind its the one we say its the best friend of the human, the ONE OF A KIND: DOG!!! Everything they do for us deserved them to have a lot longer life, cause i already felt the big pain of losing one of this best friends and it hurts like if you lost a person of your family and you can only understand the power of this animal having one, GO FOR IT AND ADOPT ONE TODAY!!!


  • What is your favorite movie ?

All Rocky Saga – Stallone made an impressive job, is one of my bigger influences in life and in acting world. All the struggle of Sylvester Stallone after he wrote the first Rocky (google it cause its wonderfull and really inspiring one) and that is totally expressed in the character and story of ROcky Balboa makes me so resilient and keep pushing forward to keep fighting for a place in the acting world, to never quit when we receive such strong life punches that could make us quit everything (and i crossed a really hurtful love and family history that make me quit some things in my life when i was younger and even thinked in ending my life) and people like Stallone and this Rocky Saga in particular can really make us lot stronger mentaly and to believe that tomorrow could be brighter and we should never stop doing our best to achieve and main of all BELIEVE IT always!!


  • What is your favorite color ?



  • Name your favorite book ?

Steve Martin – Pure Drivel  (I love comedy and this book is one of a kind pure laugh all the time)

  • Name your favorite magazine ?

Men’s Health

  • Who is your favorite celebrity ?

Sylvester Stallone


  • What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Please, no matter what, love each other, show that love in a constant and continuous way!

Influence others to be kind, to accept, to be better in all ways possible!!

#SpreadLove #HealTheWorld #MakeItABetterPlace

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