Exclusive Interview with Mister International USA 2023, Anthony Borengasser

🌐 Exclusive Interview with Mister International USA 2023, Anthony Borengasser


1) First of all, many congratulations to you, Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

My name is Anthony Borengasser, representing Mr. international USA. I am from Hawaii. I grew up playing football and baseball and graduated from Kamehameha High School. After High school I be came a professional hula dancer, a competitive bodybuilder, and have received certification as a mixologist.

2) What are your next projects ?
My next projects are to continue modeling and growing in my acting carrier with the mister USA organization.

3) If you are elected “Mister International 2023”, what will be your first action ?
My first reaction will be very excited and grateful to experience and grow with the mister international organization as a role mole for future generations.

4) Mister International’s slogan is “Distinctly Handsome, Inspiring the Next Generation”. Do you support a cause?
Yes I do because I am many different ethnicities such as Hawaiian Filipina okinawan, Irish, French, German, Spanish. Eurasian and creole.

5) What is your favorite song or music video?
My favorite song is 21 questions by 50 cent

6 ) What is your favorite food?
Hawaiian food. Fish and poi

7) What is your favorite animal ?

Jaguar. They are very independent, they are strong and mostly hunt alone.

8) What is your favorite movie ?

Space Jam

9) What is your favorite color ?

10) Name your favorite book ?
Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

11) Name your favorite magazine ?

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?
The Rock

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

War is a place where young people who don’t know each other who don’t hate each other, kill each other, based on decisions made by old people who know each other and hate each other but don’t kill each other.

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