Exclusive interview with Mister Tourism Brazil 2022

1) First of all, many congratulations to you , Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Hello , I’m Márcio ricardo , I’m 26 years old, I’m a professional model , I’m the actual mister brazil and i love what i do 

2) What are your next projects ?

It is to create a project to help other people to become a mister 

3) If you are elected “Mister Tourism world 2022”, what will be your first action ?

My first action will be to create a channel in my instagram to connect people and help them to be a mister tourism world 

4) Mister Tourism World’s slogan is “Building a better World”. Do you support a cause?

Yes , I believe the small actions do a big difference in the world 

5) What is your favorite song or music video?

My favorite song is Paradise – Medusa 

6 ) What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is Barbecue 

7) What is your favorite animal ?

My favorite animal is Dog

8)  What is your favorite movie ?

My favorite movie is Hustle from Adam Sendler 

9) What is your favorite color ?

My favorite color is Navy blue

10) Name your favorite book ?

My favorite book is Rich dad and Poor dad

11) Name your favorite magazine ?

My favorite magazine is Vogue

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?

My favorite celebrity is David Beckham

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

Don’t give up from your dreams, it took me 10 years to become a mister brazil , if it’s possible for me it’s possible for you

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