Interview with Sy Lee, Manhunt Denmark 2016

 Name : Sy Lee

 Title  : Mister Manhunt Denmark 2016, Mister Universal Ambassador Europe 2015, Won the special award as the Best Sexy Model at Manhunt Int. 2016.

Country :  Denmark (born and raised in Denmark)


1) Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you? 

My name is Sy Lee (it pronounces as Say Li). I am so proud to be the first non-danish represent for my country Denmark. I want to open doors for everyone out there to dare to dream. I am a high educated person at copenhagen university and i have my own fitness company today. I have always been a fighter. Since i was a kid, i got bullied and people didnt accept me for who i am or the way i look. It never hurt me. It made me only stronger. I never judge a book by its cover. I am here to fight the right to be different. I want people to be themselves and dare to dream big like me. Everything is possible. The world needs to accept diversity and all human being are alike – we love, we dream and we want to be happy.


2) Tell us what it means to be “Manhunt“ and what it changed for you? 

For me manhunt is not only to be good-looking but you also need to have a brain and use your voice to make a difference in the world. A manhunt is a man who dares to speak/fight for the good rights and make a difference. I want people to accepting each other for who they are. What you send to the universe, it will come back to you.


3) What are your next projects? 

My next project is to use my title as Mister manhunt denmark to set focus on kids who is struggling with bullying.


4) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers? 

I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and love. And for those you can see, that I am just being myself the whole way. Actually i wanna say thank you to the haters too. You guys create a lot of focus on me and it gives mens chance to shine and raise my voice to the people who is different such like me.

You dont need to have a certain masculine look 24/7. It is good to be diversity. I am all about having different sides and i like to have many looks and people cant stand that I have the courage and power to do that. Insecure people always needs to comment negative stuff. If we all are balanced with ourselves, we don’t need to jugde other people without knowing them.


5) What is your favorite food? 

My favorite food is Asian food. Asian food have the best spicies in the world and make it so varying.


6) What is your favorite movie? 

I have so many. I like movies based on true story. The notebook.


7) What is your favorite animal.

Dogs / Puppies


8) What are your two favorite colors? 

White and blue


9) Name your favorite book!

The notebook!


10) Name your favorite magazine!

GQ magazine


11) What is your favorite song or music video? 

Somewhere over the rainbow


12) Who is your favorite celebrity?



eeee errrtg reeza rrr zz zzz

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