Mister International Bahamas 2023 is Vjaughn Ingraham

Vjaughn Ingraham is Mister International Bahamas 2023. He will represent The Bahamas at the 15֯th edition of Mister International Pageant to be held on September 17, 2023 in Thailand this year.

Vjaughn is 21 years old and stands 190cm tall who was born in Nassau, BAH on October 21, 2000 with a zodiac sign of Libra. He lives in Freeport, BAH and graduated as Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and now he is anEntrepreneur Man .

Vjaughn is busy helping business scale and develop, while also providing solutions for people to optimize their brains and live a healthier life. He really loves Black and Blue colors.

His Hobbies are reading , nature, travel, exercise, and education. His inspiration are many people related to his field that he gain mentorship and knowledge from.

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