Exclusive Interview with Mister International UK 2023, Ryan Larson

1) First of all, many congratulations to you, Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about you?

Hello. I’m Ryan Larson, originally from Englefield Green, in the county of Surrey, England but I moved to the United States when I was young.

2) What are your next projects ?

Currently I am under working on a film to be released online for a new streaming platform. Which is very exciting. The film would be a follow up to a previous project I shot in January here in the Philippines. We’re just trying to finalize the funding and then fingers crossed, that should be happening. Beyond that I am working to expand my textile and fashion imports business, working with local designers and trying to build upon the amazing Filipino fashion culture.

3) If you are elected “Mister International 2023”, what will be your first action ?

My first action will be to call my mother to tell her personally that I succeeded. She has always been my rock, my biggest support, and my greatest inspiration to strive for my dreams. After that I will implement a schedule on social media to get back to being more active. My previous account had twice daily posts and had just passed the 50,000 follower mark when I was hacked a few months ago. I intend to return to that level of engagement and the planned activity and content is great for fans and obviously nice for sponsors.

4) Mister International’s slogan is “Distinctly Handsome, Inspiring the Next Generation”. Do you support a cause?

One of the causes I support is to encourage men to be positive male role models for younger children through exemplifying healthy masculinity and self-love. Genuinely good men are not only protect and provide, but they love, and care, and show empathy, and compassion. Back home I work with a family crisis center that helps women and children start over after escaping abusive relationships. While the mothers are in therapy, people like me spend time with the children and our whole job is to show them what a positive male role model can and should look like. Most of these people were harmed by the men in their lives who were supposed to care for them and support them no matter what. Most do not trust or are afraid of men as a result. The work we do changes that.

5) What is your favorite song or music video?

I’ve always loved Michael Jackson’s Man In the Mirror. Not only is it a banger of a hit but the message has always resonated with me. I believe we must change within if we expect to change the world we live in. The best way i Can try to inspire others is to exemplify for them what is possible by choosing who I wish to be and taking steps to becoming that man every single day.

6 ) What is your favorite food?

I love foods from all over the world: thai, Mexican, and Indian are among my favorites. But I’ll always have a special place in my heart for beans on toast, the way my mother would always make it.

7) What is your favorite animal ?

Back home I have a bunny name Nattie that I rescued during university. She was owned by another classmate and I may have stolen her when I learned the level of neglect and abuse this poor sweet girl suffered. When they came looking for her a whole week later, I was told I could keep her when i threatened to call the police for animal abuse. She is the sweetest most loving bunny (rare for a female lop tbh, they’re often territorial and moody but she’s wonderful with everyone) and she’s also the best footballer I know 😂

8) What is your favorite movie ?

Got to be the Princess Bride staring Carey Elwes and Robin Wright. Classic adventure tale. Love story. Fighting. Sword fights. Miracles! It was films like this that inspired me to become an actor when I was a boy. And it’s films like this that still excite and inspire me today.

9) What is your favorite color ?

Green. Simple as that.

10) Name your favorite book ?

On the nonfiction side, I love the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s just a great starting point to help make your vision happen by living your best life and becoming the best possible version of yourself.

For fiction I love anything by Neil Gaiman or Kurt Vonnegut. I love a great story with witty asides and entirely too much fourth wall breaking.

11) Name your favorite magazine ?

I love fashion magazines, in particular Vogue Arabia on the women’s side and L’officiel homme on the men’s side. I know they’re a bit of a dying breed but fashion imagery will never not excite and inspire me. Im a hobbyist photographer who dabbles in work and it’s always been fashion that has gotten me excited to shoot. I love that fashion imagery takes something simple: a person in a dress or holding a bag or wearing a hat, and shows it from a completely novel perspective. Fashion is always on the cutting edge of expectation, surprising and delighting with its innovation and I believe that photography is the best media to match that innovation. Colors, light, angles can all be manipulated to illicit a feeling and create iconic imagery

12) Who is your favorite celebrity ?

I would watch any film with Taron Egerton. He’s extremely talented being a trained singer, dancer, actor and parkour practitioner, among others. I believe he makes great choices of films that excite, inspire, and really get into the depth of a character’s soul to tell a story. I have always been inspired by actors who are multitalented and are trained and prepared to do it all. I long for the days of the Hollywood studio system when actors learned to act and dance and fight and sing and everything to cover a wide wide range of roles.

13) What’s your special message to your fans and our fellow readers?

First I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me and the other candidates in our journey. It’s such a delight to read your messages and to hear what you’re enjoying about the pageant.

And I want you to know one thing. You are enough. You. Are. Enough. No matter who has told you otherwise or what has ever made you feel like less-than, you are enough. I spent most of my life feeling like I was never good enough. Never tall enough or good-looking or talented enough or what have you. It took a dear friend and mentor to sit me down in front of a mirror, to tell myself that I AM enough. That my voice matters. That I am worthy! And so are you. And if you don’t believe it, remind yourself and again every single day until you do. Because you’re worth it and if no one else believes in you it doesn’t matter. As long as you believe in you.

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